Northern Wu Style Taiji Quan

Testimonials on the Effects of Long's Wu Style Qi Gong

"I have been practising Qi Gong and Tai Chi for twenty years, having travelled in China on numerous occasions, and had instruction from very well known Masters. I have now been training under Master Jiang Yang Long for 18 months and he is by far the most knowledgeable and effective teacher I have ever met. I truly recommend him. He has a very open and generous attitude to his traditional Wu Qi Gong and Wu Tai Chi in the manner he teaches and the results for health and the overall feeling of wellbeing are immense. It is for people of all ages from early teens through to eighty and beyond the movements are simple and not overly taxing."

"I also train with the martial element of Tai Chi – Bagua and pushing hands; these are for those who wish to take their practice beyond just only the perfection of health and wellbeing. If you are looking for the ultimate method for your health and fitness and wish to enjoy life to the full, look no further than Master Long."
David Lieber, age 69

"As a qualified fitness instructor I have been practising martial arts for over 20 years. During that time I have experienced many different instructors, from as far afield as Japan, but by far the most informed and skilled is Long. His deep knowledge of Qi Gong and Wu Style martial arts really is extensive and far superior to anyone else I have come across. I practiced karate and jujitsu but no matter how fit you are, as you get older you simply can’t maintain the same hard training; you have to adapt to the season of your life. Training with Long has improved my sense of wellbeing and vitality immensely – my hair is even thicker! I would recommend him to any person looking to enhance their health and lifestyle."
Mark Black, age 53

"I have studied with Shifu Jiang Yang Long for almost 5 years now; since starting the Qi Gong and Taiji practice I have noticed a great improvement in my overall health and immune system. It is now very rare that I get ill at all or suffer any injuries. The Qi Gong system works on improving posture, flexibility and co-ordination, allowing the body to align and function at its best as there are no blockages or restrictions to the flow of energies and bodily functions. The aim of internal Kung Fu is to strengthen inner organs in the same way regular exercise strengthens external muscles. The benefits also include a calmer mind, more control over emotions and a greater awareness of one’s surroundings. Chinese medicine and meridian theories differ from the Western doctrines but the benefits I have noticed through this style I can confirm are very real."
Ben Bartlett, age 33

"I’ve been studying Taiji with Long for a year now. Its been a slow start but little by little I’ve realised that I’ve become much more grounded and able to stay centered. My body has started to open and I’ve been able to manage old physical problems more effectively. The best result is that it has strengthened my energy and I’m more able to deal with negative or difficult people – I’m really looking forward to taking my Taiji practice forward."
Jessica Angel, age 49

"The Qi Gong taught by Shifu Jiang Yan Long is precise, detailed and enriching. I have been practising this energy system for 7 years through the time in my life where my physical abilities are slowly starting to wane. My previous studies in martial arts have been with the external systems; internal energy is something different. On a day-to-day basis, if Qi Gong is practised in the morning, my energy levels and concentration are maintained for longer. A feeling of 'strength' is felt throughout the entire body and not located in a few visceral elements. Qi Gong leaves my body light and aligned and sensitised to other people and the natural world around us."
Pak Keung Wan, age 46

Experiences of Tai Chi and Qi Gong
"I have been doing Tai Chi regularly with Master Long now for the past year and a half using his unique Wu Style Tai Chi and Qi Gong. The majority of my practice is doing the full Tai Chi form daily or as often as I can at various speeds and tempo. Sometimes I will do the full Tai Chi form in about 15 minutes, other times a whole hour can be spent.

Changes in mental state
"The slower I do the form, the deeper my breathing, the deeper the meditative state and focused mind. With time and practice, I feel Tai Chi and Qi Gong have given me a calmer, less turbulent mind. I feel more focused on a day to day basis and feel lighter and a little more carefree.

Changes in physical state
"I have become more mobile, flexible and also physically stronger than I have ever been. In the past I spent many years in the gym lifting weights the conventional way. I have transferred many aspects of Tai Chi into my strength training especially visualizing before lifting weights which has allowed me to become physically stronger than I have been in the past through normal weight training without developing huge amounts of muscle mass. I am stronger now whilst being less muscular.

"I have been an asthma sufferer the majority of my life but just recently after regular Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice I have not needed to take my inhaler medication for the past five months, whereas before that I would need to have my inhaler before and after any physical exercise. I have been renovating my house which has been regularly filled with dust... which would normally mean I would require.

my inhaler several times, but I have not needed any medication recently which has surprised me a lot. I believe this is because of my Tai Chi."
Charnjit Jheeta, age 36

"I have been practicing with Master Long doing his very special form of Qi Gong for nearly 3 months. It helps me keep a peaceful state of mind during stressful activities. What attracted me to the Taiji course was the way the training was carried out - and how after reaching certain levels one would progress to more deeper meditative forms of Qi. So the energy ball is an exercise I love, and I'm really curious to understand the philosophies and the deeper meanings behind training. My next steps are to understand the philosophies and energy applications of the different movements, and look deeper into how the energy flows within the body, and how it is released. It helps me to look within, and the form and push hands especially help me develop a better awareness of my body and mind.
Aman Advaita, age 22

"I have gained many health benefits by training with Master Long and experiencing his deep knowledge of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Benefits of mental clarity and smoother circulation of energy can be felt whilst and immediately after practising Tai Chi. For example, when I practice Lou Xi Yao Bu (Brush Knee Twist Step) for ten minutes I regularly experience improved digestion immediately. If practicing Jin Ji Duli I know that my standing leg will feel stronger after only a minute and my breath and mind will be much clearer too. To summarise, the health benefits I have gained are: improved posture; relaxed body; efficient breathing; clarity of mind; improved digestion; flexibility and co-ordination and hand to eye co-ordination."
James Morrison, age 32