Northern Wu Style Taiji Quan

I am the 5th generation of Wu style taiji linage, have been training for 29 years. I feel I have a responsibility to share this unique knowledge with many people throughout the world who are interested to learn.

As a society we train using original Chinese kungfu methods, the journey is long but we focus on quality and understanding.

To fully understand this knowledge our training follows the original program set out centuries ago. In China, taiji is considered to incorporate three main components.

To promote and strengthen internal energy Qi, which improves health, helps to keep you feeling alert and fresh.

A comprehensive system of self-defence, this kungfu is taught on many levels, at its most basic will give you confidence and clarity to protect yourself. At a higher level the idea is to embody the wisdom of this nature philosophy, as it relates to understanding in movement and in thinking.

Meditation techniques, which help to give your mind clarity, promote calm. Which is just as relevant to modern living now as it ever was.

Written by Yan Long Jiang