Northern Wu Style Taiji Quan

One to one teaching, or small group classes are available; there are three main areas to learn.

Qi Gong & Taiji form
This class will focus on promoting health benefits, make your internal energy flow properly across all meridian points. This is good for increased heath, reducing stress and will help you stay fresh and full of energy. We use Qi Gong to get energy from nature to help keep you strong and supple.

Taiji Kung Fu
In this class we use traditional training methods to improve your self defence. This is an ancient art, like wisdom, will enable you to more intelligently defeat an opponent. This knowledge will unlock a different way of thinking about combat.

Taiji Meditation
A deeper look at Qi Gong, will give you the skills to keep a clear mind and calm focus that you can use every day. This is especially useful for busy stressful people, who have difficulty relaxing after work.

We can work together to decide what you want to focus your session on. For more information contact Shifu Yan Long Jiang.